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Peje, Karagaq
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Who we are

Camp Karagaq located in Peja was known since 1968 in the upper part of the city’s largest park with rare natural beauty with more than 100 kinds of trees over 60 years old, in turkish language translation means Black Oak. Camp Karagaq Hotel is far from car noise, very close to the city center with the new modern construction and with traditional elements, possesses day restaurant with 200 seats, traditional food, sea food, Italian, French, Turkish cuisine.

This hotel has 24 bedrooms and 2 modern suites, veranda with a capacity of 200 seats under the shade of oak, linden, chestnut and many other kind of tree’s, Camping on 2500 square meters area known many years before, parking for vehicles monitored by cameras and physical security. Shooting Range also owns architecture licensed by the Ministry of interior of Kosovo, and professional staff. Conference room with all necessary equipment.

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Experienced Team

Our team has many years of experience, they always make sure to provide you with the best possible service.

Variety Of Activities

We guarantee you satisfaction, we do this by offering you many of the most favorite activities.


Hotel Camp Karagaq also offers camping which has 2500 square meters.


Our rooms

These are some of the rooms that we offer you.  We also offer you a relaxing, clean, beautiful and modern place. Here are 5 types of rooms, we possess with a 24 rooms. The rooms are equipped with free wifi, ironing board, etc. For more click on the button below.

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    70 Km from airport